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At the Annual General Meeting held on 27 January 2017 it was agreed that the contribution towards running costs that would be necessary during 2017 should continue to be based on the number of people occupying the house and the season. It varies between 200 per full week (40 per day for less than a week) and 400 per full week (70 per day for less than a week) for up to 4 people. Extra people are charged at 75 per person per week or part thereof. It is for the relevant Director to set the charge.

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The Annual workparty took place over 11-14 May 2017, and we met with both the Estate Agent and the Builder who we expect to do the sewerage works, who has now quoted around 4,000 for the work, although we cannot complete it until the works to build the new sewage treatment facility for the village are finished, and, as such, the 2 year period has not yet started. We also replaced the broken kitchen window, repainted the front doors and cleared the courtyard.

Anthony Janneau had replaced the boiler, which had failed during 2016, and the new boiler is very neat, much easier to use, and seems entirely satisfactory.

The Annual General Meeting agreed that the house should be put on the market through a local estate agent and this is now in progress.